The Ultimate Corporate Gift Buying Guide

The Ultimate Corporate Gift Buying Guide

The gifts you send are a reflection of your business.

We’ll just let that idea sink in while you consider the fact that the end of the year and corporate gift giving time is fast approaching!

Have you got your corporate gifts sorted yet?

If not, don’t panic. Instead, simply read our ultimate gift guide to get those corporate gestures sorted quickly and efficiently.

The Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide


While many corporate gifts head out to their recipients around Christmastime, they can actually be sent all year long for a variety of reasons.

These are just some of them:

  • Welcome gifts for new employees
  • Farewell gifts for departing employees
  • Maintaining customer and client relationships
  • Rewarding employees and staff appreciation
  • Birthday gifts for employees or clients
  • And of course, Christmas gifts for employees, key business connections and customers

Basically, if your business has someone that you’d like to recognise or celebrate in some way, there will be a great gift available for you to do that!


So, what should you send? Well, a carefully curated and gorgeously packaged gift box is the perfect, way to send a gift that is both professional and personal at the same time.

When you open a beautifully presented gift box, it creates a memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression. Full of thoughtful and useful treats, a gift box not only shows you care, but can also help to solidify the strong bonds of a working relationship.

Available in a variety of sizes, the contents can be tailored to suit the recipient’s preferences or to showcase the essence of your business. Whether modest or substantial, gift boxes can suit any budget and they make gift giving so easy as your gifts will come ready to present.

By choosing Gift Genie, you get the option to fully personalise your gift box. That doesn’t just include the high quality contents, it also includes the presentation of the box. We can showcase your business with the packaging, including branded ribbons, company colours, logo stickers and much more. If you’d like to know more about how we can do that, contact us now.

Sneak Peak

Wondering what your gifts could look like? Well, here is a sneak peek of some of our recent corporate gift boxes:

We also have an amazing range of pre curated boxes that will give you an idea of the kind of amazing treats we can include. Perhaps you’d like to follow a colour theme with a blue, red, purple or pink themed box?

Maybe some of these themes could align with your brand - peanut butter nutters, hot sauce aficionados, coffee lovers, kiwis at heart, or those that need a pamper?

Any of our boxes can work perfectly as a gorgeous corporate gift, or we can fully customise a gift box that aligns with your brand.


To give us time to perfectly prepare your personalised corporate gift boxes, we recommend you get in touch with us at least 6 weeks before delivery is required. We may be able to turn things around quicker, but the advanced notice allows us to book you into our delivery calendar and ensures you don’t miss out on what you need.


It is super easy to get your corporate gifts sorted with Gift Genie. All you need to do is follow these 6 steps:

Step 1: Get In Touch

Using our Corporate Gifts Enquiry Form, make contact with our team to get the process started.

Step 2: Give Us Some Info

So that we can prepare the perfect gifts, we will need some information about what you need. In the contact form, you can indicate how many gift boxes you will need, what your budget is, when you need them by, and whether you’d like custom branding or not.

This information is not set in stone, it can be altered later, but it gives us a starting point to work with.

Step 3: We Strategise

Leave it with us and we’ll put together a gift strategy that is sure to impress your recipients.

Step 4: The Admin

Once we agree on the perfect gift boxes for your recipients, there’s a tiny amount of admin where we agree on the final details and payment is required.

Step 5: We Work Magic

We’ll then turn that gifting strategy into the ultimate corporate gift box bundles. Once prepared, they can be delivered to your business to distribute, or we can send them directly to your recipients with a personalised card.

Step 6: Enjoy The Benefits

The only thing left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the delight your clients, employees, stakeholders, or key contacts will experience when opening your thoughtful gift!

Ready To Get Started?

Ready to get the ball rolling on your Corporate Gifts for this year? Then, head over to our website now and fill in the enquiry form. We’ll be back in touch within 24 hours to answer any questions or get the process underway.

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