Gifts have the power to spread joy and delight.
And that is our ultimate goal!

  • Our Story

    Hey, I’m Jeanette! And back in 2022, I was struggling to find gifts that were good enough for my staff. So, I ended up making my own! As a result, Gift Genie was born.

    I strongly believe that a gift is a representation of the person giving it. And you want to make sure you give something amazing that is going to make the recipient smile, but also feel valued and loved. I made it our mission to stock only the highest quality local and international products so that I could fill our gift baskets with the best.

    I also know how important first impressions are. So, all of our gift boxes have products that not only taste and feel amazing, but they are artfully curated to look amazing too!

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  • Why Gift Genie?

    Why would you choose Gift Genie over the numerous other gift basket and gift box companies out there? Well, quite simply, we care.

    With some gift baskets, there are always a couple of weird filler products included. You won’t find any of those in our boxes though! Our gift baskets are curated based on theme and only contain products your recipient will love! We also offer customisable gifting solutions with our Build Your Own Gift option.

    No matter the box, we guarantee the contents will be of the highest quality (that means they actually taste and feel great!) and will create a visual wow moment when the recipient opens them.

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