How To Ensure All Your Gift Box Items Are Useful

How To Ensure All Your Gift Box Items Are Useful

How often have you opened a gift box and found a couple of dud items in there?

You would not be alone if you said your answer was… every time!

Well, we think that is stink!

In fact, we went as far as to ask why gift box companies would put filler items in there just to pad out the contents of a box.

Here at Gift Genie, we believe that EVERY one of your gift box items should be awesome and delight the recipient. That’s why we came up with a way to ensure each item in our boxes would be useful.

Read on to find out how you can ensure your recipient will love everything in their gift box.

How To Ensure All Your Gift Box Items Are Useful

The Gift Box Dilemma

Gift boxes are a fantastic way to give a gift that is both beautiful and practical. And it is just so easy. You order a box based on a theme and the company packs it, makes it pretty, and delivers it to your recipient’s door with a personalised card.

But, then there is the one dilemma that comes along with a gift box.

What if the person doesn’t like everything in there?

Well, we have come up with a solution that means that can never happen. Not only can you choose from our range of carefully curated boxes full of delicious, unique and sweet smelling Kiwi and international products, but now you can also customise your own boxes! Problem solved, no more unwanted gift box items here!

Customisable Gift Boxes

What is a customisable gift box? Funnily enough, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gift box where you literally build the contents, choosing each individual item to be included. That means there will be no duds in your box! You can choose to customise based on your own theme or the gift recipient’s preferences.

Our Build Your Own Box feature allows for complete customisation, meaning you can totally personalise a gift for your special someone. Perfect for absolutely every occasion, whether it be a birthday, holiday gift or corporate gift.

With total versatility, you can tailor the gift box in whichever way you like, saving time and effort as we’ll pack, wrap and deliver it for you! It’s also possible to work to a budget as every item is individually priced so you know the cost as you add it.

Build Your Own Box

So, how can you build your own box to ensure all your gift box items are going to be useful for the recipient? All you have to do is follow these simple steps on our website:

Step 1: Choose Box

Choose a box (or let us select the one that best suits your gift selection). One of our most popular options is the simple white box with a magnetic closure. That way, everything stays put inside and we can dress it up with an accent band to complement your gifts or your business branding colours.

Step 2: Choose Products

Once you've selected your box, it is time to fill it with amazing gift box items! Choose from literally hundreds of different products including sauces, snacks, choccies, homewares, craft bits, alcohol, sweet treats, skincare, male grooming, candles, cocktail accessories and more!

As you add each product to your box, it will tally the price so you know how much it will cost and stick to a budget if you need to. You can also edit items out of you change your mind or find something cooler further down the product page.

Step 3: Choose Card

When you have filled your box with awesome goodies, it’s time to choose a card. We have cards for every occasion - birthdays, celebrations, holidays, thank yous, anniversaries, corporate gifts, or just general cards that everyone will love.

After you have selected your card, you’ll be prompted to add the gifter’s name, the recipient’s name and a personalised message that will be written inside the card.

Step 4: Checkout

The final step is to complete the checkout process. Part of this is specifying the date you would like your box delivered so that we can make sure it arrives with your recipient on the intended day.

Clicking checkout will take you to our secure payment portal where you can complete your purchase. Once we receive the confirmed order, our team will get to work on packing your gift box so that it is ready to be delivered on the specified date.

Ready to order your customised gift box items? Then, head over to our website now and get building your box! Here’s the link.